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Rating: 7.2/10
Director: Farhan Akhtar
Writer: Salim Khan (based on an original screenplay by), Javed Akhtar (based on an original screenplay by), Farhan Akhtar
Stars: Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Arjun Rampal, Isha Koppikar
Runtime: 171 min
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Released: 2006-10-20

Synopsis: The illegal drug traders based in Kuala Lumpur is booming.An Indian team is sent to Kuala Lumpur which is headed by Deputy Commissioner of Police De Silva (Boman Irani), who targets the illegal drug operations of Singhania (Rajesh Khattar). In order to put an end to the illegal drug trade, they must capture “Don” (Shah Rukh Khan) who manages Singhania’s business in Kuala Lumpur. Singhania was one of the two closest and most trusted men of Boris, a kingpin who was presumed to be dead by the police. Boris’s other lieutenant was a man called Vardhan, but his whereabouts are unknown. De Silva explains that Singhania had killed Vardhan upon learning that Boris was about to hand over his drug business to Vardhan.
Don kills Ramesh (Diwakar Pundir), one of his close associates, who had attempted to leave the cartel. Ramesh’s future wife Kamini (Kareena Kapoor) decides to help the police arrest Don but in the process she is also killed. Now, Ramesh’s sister Roma (Priyanka Chopra) plans to avenge her brother and his fianc√©. She manages to infiltrate Don’s gang. Don travel to India for a cocaine transaction. An Indian police team led by De Silva follow them there and capture Don, who is fatally injured while trying to flee from the police. De Silva keeps this a secret from the department and media as he decides to track down an exact look-alike of Don named Vijay (Shah Rukh Khan) from Mumbai, asking Vijay to pose as Don so the police can get to Singhania. Vijay agrees when De Silva promises to admit Deepu (Tanay Chheda), a kid Vijay looks after, to a school in Kuala Lumpur. Meanwhile, Jasjit (Arjun Rampal), Deepu’s father, has just been released from prison. Jasjit is hellbent on killing DCP De Silva. Jasjit’s vendetta against De Silva began many years ago, when Jasjit, committing a crime in order to save his family from a gang of criminals, was arrested on the orders of De Silva, thereby preventing Jasjit from saving his wife from death. Jasjit does not know what happened to his son after Jasjit went to prison. It is implied that the criminals responsible for the death of Jasjit’s wife were none other than De Silva’s own men.

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