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Rating: 7.5/10
Director: Rajkumar Santoshi
Writer: Lateef Binny (assistant screenplay writer), Vijay Deveshwar (assistant screenplay writer), Sutanu Gupta (assistant screenplay writer), Rajkumar Santoshi, Dilip Shukla (dialogue)
Stars: Sunny Deol, Meenakshi Sheshadri, Amrish Puri, Moushumi Chatterjee
Runtime: 163 min
Genre: Comedy, Action, Crime
Released: 08 Jun 1990

Storyline: Ajay Mehra lives with his elder brother Ashok and sister-in-law Indu. He leaves for Bangalore in order to train to become an international boxer. On his return to New Delhi, he finds that Ashok is missing. He lodges a complaint at the police station but to no avail. He decides to search for his brother himself but still does not find him. Later on, Ashok’s body is found and Ajay is accused of killing him as well as having an illicit relationship with his sister-in-law. While in jail, Ajay makes friends with some other hardcore convicts, who are good at heart. Then one day, they escape the jail by overpowering the guards. Ajay only has one thing on his mind: to kill Balwant Rai, a wealthy, powerful and corrupt businessman who had used Ashok’s business as a front for his illegal activities. Ajay’s new friends and his love interest Varsha, a journalist, help him in his mission.
Amateur boxer Ajay Mehra (Sunny Deol) is living with his brother Ashok Mehra (Raj Babbar) and sister-in-law Indu Verma (Moushumi Chatterjee) in Mumbai. Ashok is a businessman who is facing some trouble at his business, but hides this from his wife and Ajay. Later Ajay is sent to Bangalore for training.
One fine day Ajay gets a message that his brother is in Bangalore. When he reaches the hotel he finds that Ashok has already left without leaving any message for him. Later that day he receives a call from Ashok, who in an inebriated state, is trying to tell him something which has been troubling him for a long time but the phone cuts abruptly. When he returns from Bangalore, he finds that his brother missing. His inquiries and a police complaint only lead him to frustration and violent outbursts. Sometime later he comes across Ashok’s friend (Annu Kapoor), a drug addict, who reveals all the dark secrets. Earlier when Ashok had faced losses in his business, a reputed businessman Balwant Rai (Amrish Puri) had come to his rescue. Balwant becomes a partner in Ashok’s company and settles all the debt. This arrangement is in fact a cover for Balwant’s illegal activities. Balwant routinely traps honest people to provide cover for his illegal business and Ashok is one of his innocent victims. Initially when Ashok resists, Balwant threatens him of dire consequences, but Ashok persists with his requests to shut down illegal trade. Later, Ashok collects evidence to frame Balwant and that’s where the trouble starts. Balwant kidnaps Ashok and tortures him to reveal where he has kept the evidence.
Somehow the henchmen of Balwant find out incriminating evidence and Balwant instantly kills Ashok. Ajay is later framed for the murder and accused of having an illicit relationship with his sister-in-law. Ajay realizes in the court that the roots of evil are very deep and even his near ones have turn hostile towards him. His faith in law is crushed and he seeks justice. His sister-in-law is not able to bear trauma and commits suicide. While in jail, Ajay makes friends with some other hardcore convicts, who are good at heart. Then one day, they escape from the jail by overpowering the guards. Then begins Ajay’s fight for justice, to take down the main villain Balwant Rai. One by one he takes down the cronies of Balwant who had framed him in the murder. The film ends with form of poetic justice, where Ajay kills Balwant in an amusement park in front of people and police who are meek witnesses.

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