Gunday 2014 BRRip DvdRip 400mb 480p

Rating: 1.9/10
Director: Ali Abbas Zafar
Writer: Ali Abbas Zafar, Sanjay Masoom (additional dialogue)
Stars: Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Irrfan Khan
Runtime: 152 min
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Released: 2014-02-14

Synopsis: The film opens with the narration of the historic event of the independence of Bangladesh after the third Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. Amongst the desolate people affected by the partition are two orphan kids: Bikram and Bala. A man named Lateef (Pankaj Tripathi) happens to meet them, offers them nourishment and asks them if they’ll work for him in the illegal smuggling of guns. The two kids agree and manage to do so successfully, using all the tricks of the trade. One day, the chief army officer that Lateef supplies guns to asks Lateef to leave one of the two boys behind to be his personal sex slave, or else he’ll forcibly take Lateef’s daughter. Bikram hears this and tells Lateef that he’ll stay behind in order to save Bala. Bala, however, refuses to part with his best friend and comes back to save Bikram. Bala saves Bikram from the lecherous officer and they both kill him in the process – thereby becoming “partners in crime”. As the army chases after the duo, Lateef tries to protect the kids, but in the ensuing skirmish Lateef is killed by the police.
Bikram and Bala arrive at Calcutta by train and begin their lives by working at a small restaurant. Bala gets into a fight with the owner who slaps him and calls him a “refugee” and a “Bangladeshi”. The owner then throws both of them out. When Bikram asks a local merchant about the coal’s market price, he realizes it’s a great opportunity to earn easy money by looting coal from trains and selling it in the market at a lower price. Bala reimburses the restaurant owner for the broken cutlery, slaps the owner and warns him not to mistreat children from hereon.
As they grow up, Bikram (Ranveer Singh) and Bala (Arjun Kapoor) have started looting entire coal trains to increase their market share. Their main competitor is Dibakar (Deepraj Rana), a coal trader. When Bikram and Bala loot one of his trains, Dibakar’s men try to unsuccessfully threaten the duo, who promise them that they will loot Dibakar’s next cargo as well. When Bikram and Bala, as promised, turn up to loot Dibakar’s coal-filled train, Dibakar goads them by calling them “refugees”, and a fight breaks out. Before killing Dibakar, Bikram and Bala mention they are not refugees and are Indians as well. The duo, now the undisputed kings of the coal business, start expanding by owning other businesses and become Kings of Calcutta.

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