Tere Bin Laden 2: Dead or Alive 2016 Movie DvdRip 300mb 480p 700mb HD 720p

Rating: 4.3/10
Director: Abhishek Sharma
Writer: Abhishek Sharma
Stars: Ali Zafar, Piyush Mishra, Pradhuman Singh, Iman Crosson
Runtime: 1h 44min
Genre: Comedy
Released: 26 Feb 2016

Synopsis: A common man who happens to look like Osama Bin Laden is noticed by a man from the American Government and plans to film the capture of Bin Laden. A film director (Manish Paul) helps making the Bin Laden film but their film making is encountered to many problems including the man playing Bin Laden being a complete lunatic. Will the government of the United States be able to show the world how they really caught the man himself?

Review: It’s Osama time again, folks. Six years back, the film was called, simply, ‘Tere Bin Laden’. Now it’s got a tagline attached: ‘Dead Or Alive’, so our Bin Laden lookalike Pradhuman aka Paddy Singh is made to work doubly hard, because he is of great use in either state, depending upon whether you are the first Black President of the Yewnited States looking to be re-elected, or a bearded terrorist keen to show the world that his beloved leader is still around.
Many familiar faces show up: apart from Pradhuman Singh, who still looks amazingly like the world’s most dreaded terrorist dead-or-alive, there is the smiley Zafar in a walk-on-part as a Bolly star, Garg in a ditsier short-dress avatar, Rahul Singh as a mimicry artist, and Mishra, this time as a gun-toting arms dealer. The new ‘uns include Manish Paul, the second gen ‘halwai’ who runs away from the prospect of making ‘jalebis’ for the rest of his life.
Sikandar Kher as David Chaddha, the ‘Hollywood’ producer, Uyeda as his pretty sidekick, and a vertically-challenged fellow with a gun.
The action moves from Mumbai to America to Pakistan, as the film gets to the point: Osama needs to be ‘killed’ all over again and captured on camera for Obama to be re-elected, ‘coz, you know, if you don’t post-it, it didn’t happen. So, off go our merry bunch, labelled ‘Somewhere in Somewhere’, to play around with CIA stooges and stormtroopers, a ‘mujaheedin’ outfit ready to take over, and the American Prez ready to move in for the kill.
The one actor, hard to recognize under all the make-up, who proves to be a complete funster is Sikander Kher in a ‘double-role’: as the Yank operative assigned to the Osama job chewing on a broad accent which doesn’t drop, as well as the pot-bellied Hollywood ‘producer’ David Chaddha, he is a hoot.
‘Tere Bin Laden’, Part 2, generates start-up potential, some smiles, some laugh-out-loud lines, but it keeps petering out.

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